Saturday, August 27, 2016

2016 Yearling Sales

The yearlings for Lexington, Harrisburg, New York, Ontario and Ohio sales are now flagged in the PM Online database. Subscribers can access reports for sale lists and the sales profiles on the Horse tab. You can also use the Advanced Search function to view any or all of the sale yearlings by any combination of sale, stallion, State/Province, sex or gait etc. Performance data has been updated for all stallions represented so you can create an up to date profile for the stallions in which you are interested.

Still to come is the Indiana Hoosier Classic roster which should be announced by month end.

You can order a rating list of the recommended yearlings in any sale by using the Paypal service on the Pedigree Matching website. The costs are as follows in $Cdn, US$ equivalent is about 75% depending on value at time of payment processing through Paypal. Rating lists are now available for Ontario and New York sales - others to be available by the end of August.

New York Sales Combined - $250
Ontario Sales Combined - $250
Ohio Buckeye - $250
Ohio Jug - $250
Hoosier Classic - $250
Harrisburg or Lexington - $250 per segment e.g. colts, fillies, trotters, by state/Province etc. Full sale is $750
Custom reports by gait, sex, or State/Province combining all sales - $250

The PM rating lists will reduce your yearling search time and dramatically increase your chances of selecting a successful yearling as well as save you from making expensive mistakes.

Here are some statistics for last year's sale ratings :

Total Yearlings sold - 3275
Yearlings Rated by PM - 840 (25.6%)
Rated yearlings with earnings to date - 367 (43.7%)
Non rated Yearlings sold - 2435
Non rated with earnings to date - 709 (29.1%)
Yearlings with $60,000 earned to date - 62
Rated yearlings with $60,000 to date - 59 (95%)

Conclusion - You only needed to look at the 25% of the yearlings  rated by PM to find 95% of the top 60 earners to date.

Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 New York Yearling Sales

The rosters for the Goshen and Morrisville sales are now available on PM Online. Both sales show increased numbers from last year. Morrisville has 90 listed and Goshen has 162 entries. While Morrisville is primarily trotters with 68 and only 22 pacers, the opposite is true for Goshen with 91 pacers and 71 trotters. Use the Sale report function on the Horse tab.

A look at last year's sales shows that Morrisville has outperformed Goshen to date with the top earner and 13 starters from the 65 sold (20%) while Goshen graduates with earnings to date total 18 from 123 sold (15%).

The 18 Goshen starters included 13 of the 18 on the PM recommended list including the top two and 5 of the the top 6 to date. In Morrisville the 16 PM picks included the top rated colt and highest money winner in NY to date along with 10 of the 13 starters picked including 5 of the top 7.

The PM top pick overall from these sales last year was Planet Rock rated 100 - 1.50.1, a son of Rock N Roll Heaven who has won his first two NYSS races and sold in Morrisville. The top pick from Goshen was Whiskey Please at 116 - 1.49.4 who has $8900 made with two second place NYSS finishes to date.

While the numbers have increased in the NY sales for this year the quality has not. I came up with 21 worth rating in Morrisville and only 22 in the larger Goshen sale. Many of the horses in Goshen are consigned by Hanover, Blue Chip and Winbak so you can expect that they were rejects from Harrisburg where the sale has been reduced in size considerably. In some cases they are foals from older mares but the good ones on pedigree will probably include foals with physical problems that would have hurt their sale price at the larger venue.

The Morrisville sale is dominated by trotters with several good opportunities by Cash Hall, Conway Hall and RC Royalty in particular. The few pacers on offer, nevertheless ,contain some very good pedigrees by Art Major, Roll With Joe and new sire So Surreal. The Goshen pacers include some better pedigrees and you would have to wonder why they are selling in Goshen rather than in Harrisburg especially those from the big farms. Close inspection would be advised.

We offer sale lists of recommended yearlings based on pedigree for both sales and since the lists are relatively short we will combine them this year for the price of a single sale - $250. To order the list of recommended yearlings you can request it using the Paypal on the PM website.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

As I approach 75 years old I am faced with a dilemma. On the one hand my quest to educate the breeders of performance horses is far from over, yet my advancing age is imposing limits on what I can further achieve. My PM Online website is essentially complete and I trust that breeders will make the most of it to make the best decisions they can.  It is time, however, for me to step aside and hope that someone else can carry the flag.

Breeding horses correctly is not a difficult thing when it comes to pedigree. The patterns and percentages of success do not lie - they are founded on fact. Yet the majority of breeders still seem to think that breeding to whatever sire is currently popular is the correct approach. Nothing can be further from the truth as the breeders in North America generally continue to have a success rate of  less than 5% in producing horses that pay for themselves over their racing career. The broodmares are the unfortunate victims of this approach.

It is no wonder that owning a racehorse is becoming increasingly unpopular. The number of yearlings registered this year will be at a 30 year low and the number of owners and breeders is decreasing accordingly. In ten years the Standardbred racing industry will likely disappear with the possible exception of Prince Edward Island where it is part of our heritage.

I don't know what the solution is but in large part the problem is due to the failure of the breeders to produce something that resembles a winning proposition.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2015 Yearling Sales

The standardbred yearling sales entries at Morrisville and Goshen in New York, Harrisburg, Illinois, Ohio Jug and Ohio Buckeye, Forest City and the Canadian Open in Ontario, are now listed in the Globetrotter database. Lexington and the Indiana sales will be added shortly.

The sale profile function of PM Online will allow you to tabulate the yearlings by sale and check out their individual profiles versus the profile of success for the sire as well as provide cross statistics. Great tool to use to do your homework before you get to the sale and prepare a short list of the ones with the best chance to succeed.

You can also order a sale list of the best pedigrees sorted by performance rating from Pedigree Matching. All regional sales lists, with the exception of Harrisburg and Lexington, are $250. The Harrisburg and Lexington major sales are $1,000 for the full sale, or $250 for any component e.g. pacing colts, New York breds, etc . You can also buy an all yearling per day report for $400 for the major sales. You can order using the Paypal process on the Pedigree Matching website.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Double Double

No, it is not your favourite coffee at Tim Hortons but it should be on your list of favourite yearling purchases.

Last year saw Mcwicked, a son of Mcardle, take home the spoils as the top three year old colt in North America. He was a Double Double as have been most of the very good horses that I have picked out for owner Ed James over the past seven years. In fact the best five, collectively winning almost $7 million, have all fit that special pedigree pattern that I call the Double Double.

Pedigree Matching focuses on the maternal lines of the sire and having those same lines returned from the dam. That is known as a double return in what the old saying tells us to "return to the sire the best blood of his dam".

A Double Double goes one step further by having the mare also return two lines the same as in the dam of the Grandsire.

In Mcwicked's case the first double return is of Meadow Skipper, through sons Most Happy Fella and Albatross. The second double is through Volomite and Adios, the maternal lines of Mcardle' s sire, Falcon Seelster thus completing the Double Double.

Which brings me to a horse that is unbeaten in his career called Roland N Rock, a son of Rocknroll Hanover from a mare by Cambest. He has yet to meet up with the top three year olds in North America but is aimed at the Meadowlands Pace where he will have to race against Artspeak and North America Cup winner Wakizashi Hanover.

His pedigree doubles back Abercrombie and Volomite from his dam for the first double, then Abercrombie and Meadow Skipper as is found in the maternal lines of Western Ideal for the second double.

I just might have a small wager on this colt in the Meadowlands Pace.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pedigree Camp 2015

2015 Pedigree Camp

After a two year hiatus the Pedigree Camp will return to Prince Edward Island to be held June 19th-21st in Charlottetown

Details on this year's event can be found here - Pedigree Camp 2015

Past years have seen attendees from all over North America from Florida to Alberta and virtually every state and province in between where standardbreds are bred or raced, and we have even had visitors from Denmark and Finland

Here is the Graduation picture for the 2008 Pedigree Camp

Deadline for registration is May 15th and space is limited so reserve early

Saturday, January 10, 2015

PM Online - Gurus

Wanted - Country and Regional Gurus

If you volunteer to be a Guru you can get free access to PM Online at the Guru level. Gurus serve an important role in keeping the databases current especially with respect to the top performers but there are other responsibilities.

Each Guru has a geographic area of responsibility. For some smaller countries, in terms of activity, we need just one, while in North America we need gurus in the key states and provinces where racing and breeding activity is greatest. We need Gurus for all breeds represented in the GlobeTrotter and GlobeRunner databases including our soon to be added Arabian database GlobeArab.

The main responsibilities of a Guru are as follows:

1. Update the performance records of the top performers in your area on an ongoing basis.
2. Add and edit stallion information for stallions and farms in your breeding jurisdiction, e.g. Pennsylvania, New South Wales, New Zealand, Finland, Atlantic Canada, etc.
3. Review and improve translation of the PM Online text.

There is also a role to play in recruiting subscribers, advertising and sponsors for which you can earn commissions.

If you are interested in becoming a Guru then email me at before January 31st to see if there is a position still available.

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